CHM2030 Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry

Dr. Li-June Ming
Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry and
Institute for Biomolecular Science
University of South Florida


The figures in some of the lecture notes originally taken from the textbook “Ira Blei and George Odian. Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry; Freeman, New York, 2000” which was used in the class are removed from this course site.

    Chapter 1
         (Extra note for Chapter 1, click here)
        More about big and small numbers, and metric prefixes (click here), but note that different prefixes are mentioned (see here,or here, or...)
        <<How do you pronounce "kilometer", km?>>  See the answer here at The American Heritage® Book of English Usage.
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 2-Part II
        There are a few sites shown below about the periodic table that contain a lot information about each element (109 named elements and 6 un-named).
        Los Alamos Laboratory's Periodic Table of the Elements (click here)!
        WebElements (click here)!
        Visual Elements (click here)!
    Some more examples about electron configuration (click here!)
    Chapter 10
        Here are some corrections you need to make!
        More about nuclear chemistry
    Chapter 3 
    About Hemoblogin and Myoglobin
    Chapter 4
        Here are a few excercises.
    Chapter 8
        Here are some excercises.
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7
    Chapter 9
    Inotroduction to Organic Chemistry
    Chapter 20   NEW!