P. 259, line 5 from the bottom: oxygen-17 is not a radionuclide! It has a natural abundance of 0.037%. Neither is O-18 a radionuclide, but O-19 is radioactive with a half-life of 29.1 s.
K-40 is radioactive with a very long live time of 1.28 ´ 109 years.

P. 265, the line above Problem 10.6: Should read log(0.5)2.6 = 2.6 ´ log0.5

P. 278: There in NO radioactive radiation in MRI!!! (The patient is put into a magnetic field and applied with a radio frequency in the range of a few MHz similar to that of the FM radio frequency.) MRI is based on the theory of NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance), which is by the way Dr. Ming’s expertise (take a look of the NMR spectrum of the Co(II) complex of the antibiotic bacitracin here, or take a look of what a two-dimensional NMR spectrum is like here). You can find much more detailed description about MRI in Chapter 6 of this website, or here at the University of Florida, of here at the Yale University or a more descriptive site at NIH.  Maybe you prefer just to take a look of some awesome MRI images here before and after computer enhancement.