They join "our party"!

    First, they have to get their stomachs cleaned up (because we want their digestive fluid for the preparation of astacin).  We just simply use a Pasteur pipette to suck out the fluid.  The procedure should be fine since almost all of them survive in the coldroom until the party!  Then, they take a shower (using garden hose).  Then, jump into a big pot of boiling water with Cajun spices in it.  (The recipes for the boil is here!)  Soon, they turn red and become curled.  Take them out, pile on the table!  OK!  Now it's the party time!  Everyone dig into the pile!  Oh, yeah, how to eat this creature?  (Here is the instruction!)

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    One nice thing about astacin study is that the source (crayfish) is cheap!  In addition, there is no fermentor needed, no growth medium, no sterilization, no bacteria, no centrifuge, no....  About 20 mg astacin can be isolated from ~4-5 kg crayfish (giving ~60 mL digestive fluid) acquired from local fish market.  Of course the party is one "good result" of astacin study!