Cajun Boiled Crawfish

Below is the recipe that Stuart Sayes, one of the owners of Louisiana Cajun Crawfish, Inc., has perfected for boiled crawfish. Follow it closely, and I promise you'll enjoy this cajun delicacy. Serves 10-20 people.

One very large pot, approximately 18-20 gallons, with cover. One propane burner big enough to easily bring this pot to a boil. A Large utensil used to stir the pot (a small paddle, broom handle, or thick, clean(ed) branch cut to about 3 feet).

Ingredients: (in order of use)

1/2 lb. salt (for cleaning crawfish)
2 oz ground cayenne pepper
One Package Crawfish Boil Seasoning
3 lbs small Red/Irish potatoes (close to golf ball size or cut into quarters)
5 large yellow onions (cut into quarters)
4 large lemons cut into halves
24 oz of fresh mushrooms (small to medium sized whole ones)
1 oz whole bay leaves
1 clove garlic diced
One 40 lb sack of live Louisiana Crawfish
12 half-pieces of corn (preferably fresh)


Thoroughly wash the crawfish in a large "foot tub' by rinsing and draining twice, until rinse water is reasonably clean. Cover crawfish in tub again with water, and add 1/2 lb. of salt (the salt is added to purge the crawfish prior to eating). Stir for no longer than 3 minutes, and drain water. Immediately fill the tub again with cool water, leaving out the salt, and stir for 3 minutes, then drain (if the crawfish are allowed to soak in the water too long, they will die). Inspect and discard dead crawfish, bait and other debris that may be present. For a 40 lb sack of crawfish, fill an 18-20 gallon pot with about 10 gallons of water (or enough water to cover crawfish and vegetables when they are put in). Bring to a boil.


Add cayenne pepper and crawfish boil seasoning. Bring mixture to a boil. In the basket (that fits into the pot), place bay leaves, potatoes, lemons, onions, mushrooms, and garlic. Place the basket in the boiling water, and boil these vegetables and seasonings for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Carefully add live crawfish into the basket, which is already in the pot of boiling water. Stir, cover, and bring back to a boil. Remove cover and let the whole thing boil for 4 minutes. Remove entire pot (with basket in it) from heat (or turn of heat), add corn, stir, and keep covered for 5-20 minutes. The longer the crawfish are left to stand like this (in excess of 5 minutes), the more seasoned and spicy they will be. You also want to cook them long enough to release them from their shell to make eating them easier.

Start sampling (tasting) the crawfish after 5 minutes (of standing) to achieve the desired taste and consistency. Personally, we recommend that you let the crawfish stand covered until they begin to sink, which means they are thoroughly marinated with the water and seasonings, which is somewhere around 15-20 minutes. They should be quite spicy by that time, so be careful.
Modifications: Dips and Sauces:
Divide ingredients and make 2 batches to perfect second batch and keep crawfish nice and hot 

Use less spices (or take some crawfish out earlier) 

Use more corn and potatoes for the less imaginative members of your group

Cocktail Sauce (basically ketchup and horseradish) 




Any combination of the above three 

Any sauce for shrimp or lobster


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May be you wanna just go to Louisiana to try it out by yourself!  (Louisiana Crawfish Festival)