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Electronic Text Collections in Western European Languages
A project of WESS (Western European Specialists Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries), this site is a comprehensive guide to collections of on-line literary texts in Western European languages.

Project Gutenberg
By using the advanced search feature on the home page of Project Gutenberg you can see what literary texts are available in a variety of languages.  Owing to copyright restrictions you will not find recent authors at this site but it is a good source of nineteenth century materials or earlier.

Association of College and Research Libraries. Literary theory: A guide  to critical theory resources on the Internet   

Felluga, Dino.  Introductory Guide to Critical Theory

García Landa, José Angel.  A Bibliography of Literary Theory and Criticism

Lynch, Jack. Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms. Rutgers University

Myers, D. G.  "On the Teaching of Literary Theory."   Originally published in 
Philosophy and Literature, 18 (October 1994): 326-336 
< >.

University of Toronto: Glossary of Literary Theory

Vanderbilt University Library. Resources for Literary Theory

Voice of the Shuttle

ABU - L'Association des bibliophiles universels
ABU provides an alphabetical list by author of many classical French writers whose works are available on-line.

Athena Authors and Texts
This Swiss-based site offers links to French literature in general as well as Francophone Swiss authors. There is an alphabetical index to on-line texts and information of different authors.

Etudes littéraires
Designed as a guide for students to frequently read authors, this web site offers background information about authors and their works.

French Literature on-line/Littérature française en-ligne
There are links on this page to history of French literature, literary criticism as well as full text and virtual libraries.

Littérature francophone virtuelle
Organized by genre and theme, this site provides excellent access points to on-line French literature.

Contexte historique de la naissance de la littérature francophone
This page offers a brief essay on the development of African Francophone literature.

Femmes écrivains et littérature africaine
This web site is dedicated to Francophone literature in Africa, particularly women writers.  You will find biographical information, reviews, interviews, and some previously unpublished selections.

Littérature orale et écrite des îliens
This web site is dedicate to French literature "d'outre mer."  The geographical coverage includes the Caribbean, Polynesia, and the Indian Ocean.

La littérature québecoise
These  web sites are dedicated to Francophone literature from Quebec; they provide a good overview including some selections of prose and poetry

Poésie française
The points of access to this site are exceptional; you may search by author, title, and verse. There are sound files attached to some of the poems in this on-line anthology which covers the period from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century.

Labyrinthe: ressources sur la littérature française contemporaine
This web site offers links to biographical information, unpublished works, and literary criticism of contemporary French authors.

Littérature au Moyen âge
The attractive layout of this web site provides images of medieval Europe along with some full text readings.

As its title promises, this web site offers links to full text of the works of Molière as well as biographical information and criticism.

Voltaire Foundation (Oxford University)
Not restricted to Voltaire, this site contains information and texts on major eighteenth century French authors. 

Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes
The holdings of this virtual library are extensive and include both Spanish American and Peninsular Literature.  Many of the well known editions of older works are included here and provide the reader with the glosses and notes published in the original, authoritative editions.

Biblioteca Virtual (Banco de la República, Colombia)
This site's strength is Colombian literature.  The home page has an internal search engine to look for authors or titles.

Bibliotecas Virtuales
This web site provides access to online texts in Spanish for international authors as well as those from Spanish speaking countries.  There is also a section dedicated to juvenile literature in Spanish (both original and translated).

This virtual library from Venezuela offers many on-line texts including literature, essays and some historical texts.

Ciudad Seva
This website from Puerto Rico contains a good online collection of short stories including translations to Spanish of other national literatures.

Iberian Language and Literature Web
This site provides links to electronic texts, literary criticism and gateways to other webs dedicated to Spanish literature.

Interletras. Revista de Crítica y Literatura en Lengua Española
In addition to the latest numbers of the journal in full text, this site offers links to Spanish literary texts on-line and other sources of literary criticism.

Página de la Lengua Española
Although there are a few non-functioning links on this site, it remains a comprehensive list of links to Spanish language literature on the web encompassing both Spain and Latin America.



Antología de poesía española
Organized chronologically, this site offers access to Spanish language poetry by author and first lines. There is also information on Spanish metrics (in English).

Comedia (Association for Hispanic Classical Theater, Inc)  
The focus of this site is primarily Golden Age drama but it does include some nineteenth century dramatists as well. There are links to ongoing research, on-line texts, and web pages on related topics.

Proyecto Cervantes 2001
This author-centered site offers bibliographical information, literary criticism, full texts, and links to related webs.

Proyecto Ensayo Hispánico
This comprehensive web site treats the genre of the essay in both Spain and Spanish America. There is an anthology of texts in addition to general information about the genre.

Textos LEMIR
This web site is dedicated to literature of the Middle Ages in the Iberian Peninsular.  It includes texts in Catalan as well as Castilian and other varieties of Ibero-Romance.  There is also a link to the journal LEMIR which publishes articles on medieval and renaissance literature.

Enlaces literarios del Siglo de Oro
This web site provides many links to other web sites dedicate to Spanish baroque literature.

Obras completas de Federico García Lorca
This web site offers the complete text to one of the most popular authors of the Generation of 1927.

Literatura: Historia de la Literatura Argentina
A well organized site for Argentina literature, these pages cover five chronological periods beginning in 1810 and ending in 1990.

Literatura argentina: escritores clásicos y sus obras
Here are full texts of predictable classics such as Martín Fierro.

Literatura Argentina Contemporánea  
This site offers summaries of major contemporary authors including lists of major works, literary criticism and interviews.
Literatura [Bolivia]
A history of Bolivian poetry with links to samples of authors' works is offered at this site.

Páginas de literatura boliviana
There are links to individual authors from this site and coverage of several literary genres.
Páginas de literatura chilena
This web page offers many links to individual authors, genres, and history of literature in Chile.

Retablo de literatura chilena
Selected contemporary authors are represented on this web site.  The individual author pages include critical material as well as representative texts.

Premios Nobel de Literatura
This site from the University of Chile is dedicated to Chile's internationally acclaimed poets:  Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda.   Both linked sites are extensive in coverage including biographical and bibliographical material as well as an anthology of texts.
Antología de la poesía colombiana
This web site is part of the virtual library sponsored by the Banco de la República.  The anthology covers the colonial period to the present.

Gabriel García Márquez
This page from the Centro Virtual Cervantes is dedicated to the Colombian author.  There is a wealth of biographical information as well as bibliographical cards for each of his major works with background information on the publication of the work and a summary of the content.

Gabriel García Márquez: un colombiano universal
This BBC program in Spanish includes interviews with the Colombian author about his childhood, the inspiration for his literary works, and other subjects.

Literatura colombiana
This web site offers links to individual Colombian authors as well as links to other pages on Colombian literature.

Novela colombiana (Jaime Alejandro Rodríguez Ruiz)
Designed for an online course at the Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá this web site offers excellent critical materials as well as selections from Colombian novelists.

Costa Rica
Literatura costarricense
This is a page from  It includes links to individual authors from an alphabetical list and links to major newspapers that offer book reviews.  Many of the author links do no function.  

Poesías y poemas
This anthology of 20th century poets contains many from Costa Rica.

Casa de las Américas
This web site is a portal not only to Cuban literature and culture but provides news items and reviews of books, cinema, and other artistic manifestations for Latin America as well.

Cuba literaria
This web site provides access to literary reviews and information on contemporary Cuban authors as well as pages dedicates to a retrospective view of Cuban literature.

La literatura cubana contemporánea o el "boom" cubano

The focus of this web site is contemporary Cuban literature, including the literary production of Cuban authors in exile.

Páginas de literatura cubana
There are links to many individual authors on this page as well as links to history and overviews of Cuban literature.

Dominican Republic
Escritores dominicanos
This web site offers information and selections from the latest Dominican writers as well as a historical overview of Dominican literature.

Páginas de literatura dominicana
Increased immigration to the United States from the Dominican Republic has spurred interest in the literature of this country both from authors living in the Dominican Republic and authors in exile.

Páginas de literatura ecuatoriana
This web page offers links to individual authors, literary criticism, and literary history related to Ecuador.

Panorámica de la literatura ecuatoriana del siglo XX y comienzos del XXI
This web site is dedicated to contemporary Ecuadoran literature and offers background information as well as links to individual authors.

El Salvador
Biblioteca básica de literatura salvadoreña

This site mirrors the publishing efforts of the Consejo Nacional de Cultura y Arte to disseminate Salvadoran literature.

Página de Literatura Guatemalteca
A well-developed site to Guatemalan literature, this web offers active links to many Guatemalan authors.  The links have a portait of the author and a brief biography.

Cultura [Honduras]
This "official" site for Honduras has a very brief overview of major literary currents.

David Moya Posas
Dedicated to the Honduran poet David Moya Posas, these pages offer complete text to many poems.

Nexos: Revista mensual mexicana de ensayos, análisis y opinión
As the title indicates, this monthly review covers many topics including contemporary Mexican literature.

Foro Virtual de Cultura Mexicana
An outstanding comprehensive guide to Mexican literature, this site includes a dictionary of authors and anthology.

Selección de poesía [mexicana]
A brief history and anthology of Mexican poets is part of a site dedicated to Mexican cultural manifestions maintained by the Instituto Technológico de Estudios Superiores

Entrevista con Giaconda Belli
This is a recent interview with the contemporary and politically attuned poet Giaconda Belli.

Poesía de Nicaragua: Las mujeres nicaragüenses en la poesía
The emphasis on feminine authors makes this a unique site.  Brief biographies and selections of poetry are included.

Panama: Autores: Páginas y Revistas
Still under construction (i.e. soliciting information), this site demonstrates the paucity of material available for some national literatures.  For Panamanian literature, before the twentieth century it may be possible to locate information  under Colombia.

Breve diccionario de la literatura paraguaya
Also under construction, this site offers a brief introduction to the literature of Paraguay and biographical information about major authors.

Páginas de literatura peruana
As with other web pages in this series, there are links to individual authors, literary history and criticism.

Puerto Rico
Biblioteca virtual de Puerto Rico
Offers coverage of literature as well as many other topics.

Autores uruguayos
This page offers a history of Uruguayan literature and links to individual authors.

Two Uruguayan authors, Mario Benedetti and Eduardo Galeano, are featured on this page.
Páginas de literatura venezolana
On this web page you will find links to individual authors, history of Venezuelan literature, and pages dedicated to specific literary movements such as modernismo and realismo mágico.

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