Thomas Sanocki, PhD

Research in visual cognition & design

Teaching of vision, cognition, statistics, research methods, psych & art & design

Professor, Program in Cognition, Neuroscience, and Social Psychology

^this^ is interdiscliplinary science


University of South Florida

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Research in Visual Cognition

Visual cognition is a primary process by which the mind understands the world. Sometimes called the "Visual Brain," visual cognition is a sophisticated interface involving intelligence-infused mechanisms that are powerful and adaptable. Visual cognition may be humankind's fastest route to learning.

Visual cognition includes entryways and networks such as those used during everyday scene perception and reading. Our current research includes scene perception in general and attentional set in particular, high-level color and color harmony, object perception, visual short term memory, art and design, type design, and learning to read. I also like to explore environments that are healthy for people and that nurture human potential. Our lab is looking for people to help explore these problems.

Specific Research Topics and Publications

Scene Perception and Priming, Spatial Layout

Color Harmony and Visual Encoding

Object Identification and its Time Course

Letter Perception and Font Tuning

Word Perception and Context

Visual Short Term Memory

Our lab has great opportunities!

The Need for Humane Design

My research is motivated by the need for humane design in many domains. Our existing cultural environment was designed for expedience and profit, as were our banking systems. We can't afford design-for-greed! Design-for-greed is stressing the most productive workforce ever (as well as children, students, and everyone else!). Redesign now for humans, so we can live and grow in a safe and healthy climate that is driven by humanity rather than greed.

Freedom and Democracy (still relevant!)