Past (and future?) Courses:

GLY 3311 The Solid Earth - Petrology and Geochemistry

GLY 4780, Geological Field Studies: Blue Ridge Mountains

GLY 4045, Moons, Planets and Meteors

GLY 4947L, Practical and Applied Geology

GLY 6285, Analytical Techniques

GLY 6739, Tracer Geochemistry

GLY 6315C: Topics In Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

GLY 2030, Environmental Geology (Summer Session)

When I'm home (!!) I teach a variety of courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. I teach our junior level mineralogy/petrology course, called The Solid Earth: Petrology and Geochemistry , a hands-on course where one learns how to identify minerals, as well as how to "read" the mineral assemblages of igneous and metamorphic rocks to find out how and where in the Earth they came to be. I also teach a number of sections of GLY 4947L Practical and Applied Geology , which are short courses open to Senior Geology Majors (+others via my permit) in which students participate hands-on in defining and solving real Earth Science problems.   A Senior-level undergraduate course I am teaching, called Moons, Planets, and Meteors , is an introduction to the interdisciplinaryfields of planetary science and meteoritics. Class activities include hands-on study of meteorites, examination of thin sections of lunar and meteoritic samples, World Wide Web investigations of geomorphologic data for the Moon, Venus, and Mars, and field trips to the Kennedy Space Center and local planetariums. The course has proven to be very popular, so to meet demand I have been teaching it as a Distance Learning course offering since the Summer of 1998. The two-way videoconferencing technology we are using in the course affords the students some unique opportunities, including real-time exchanges with experts in the field who are linked into the class from distant sites, and days that I teach remotely from international scientific meetings, to which I can bring newly presented discoveries and advances into the classroom, essentially "hot off the presses."

For graduates I teach Analytical Techniques in Geology , a course in which students learn to use analytical instruments necessary to their research efforts; Tracer Geochemistry , in which students learn how to use trace element and isotopic tracers to both discover and to track geologic processes; and a variety of upper-level seminars, covering topics from B and Li isotope geochemistry, through the petrogenesis of mafic and ultramafic rocks, to planetary geology.