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January 14, 2016

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Laura L. Runge
Office: CPR 360D
Phone: 813-974-9496

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  • Grading: Know that grading is not a reflection of who you are or how much I like you. Grading is an evaluation of your work toward achieving the objectives of this class. Do not confuse the informality of the classroom with my responsibility to grade your work.

  • Mandatory attendance and participation: Because of the interactive nature of the classroom, absences will seriously affect your performance in the course. The work you do in class will constitute a part of your final grade. See syllabus for the exact number of points. Absences will be assessed as a direct percentage (number of classes attended/number of classes, eg. 3 absences out of 28 would be 25/28 or .89 of total points.) Your participation in class discussions and activities will affect that score positively or negatively. Please do not request permission for absences. [This does not apply for USF Sponsored activity, in particular Athletics, or Religious Observance; see below]. I do not give excused or unexcused absences. You are ultimately responsible for whatever absences you take; you know the consequences and have the ability to make your own decisions. If you miss a substantial part of the class, you will be considered absent for that day.

  • Tardiness is unacceptable; it is both rude to your classmates and myself and it is disruptive to the learning process going on in the classroom. If you elect not to participate in opening meditation and wait in the hall until the class is finished, you will not be considered tardy. Note that I will not remind you of tardies, but I will keep track of those who repeatedly transgress, and it will detract from your attendance and participation grade.

  • Electronic devices are allowed in the classroom and used ONLY to facilitate class. Any personal electronic device used during class for other purposes may be held to public scrutiny. Please keep class time focused on class material. No cell phones or other electronics may be used AT ALL during exams. Use of a celluar phone (or other electronic device) during an exam may result in automatic failure on that exam. Students may be asked to turn in their cell phones before an exam; they would be able to pick them up again after turning in the exam.

  • Late papers and late assignments are unacceptable. A paper turned in any time after the class for which it is assigned will automatically be marked down an entire letter grade. Assignments turned in more than 24 hours late can be marked down further at the discretion of the professor. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. (See One-Extension Policy Below.)

  • Weekly Posts are to be sent the evening before the class for which they are assigned. They MUST be received by class time. The purpose of these assignments is for use in the classroom on that day. Do not ask for credit for posts that are written after class. Note: bring a hard copy to class in case of technical failure. Computer failure or inability to get to a machine does not excuse you from writing your post.

  • Notes or tapes of this course are not permitted for purposes of sale.

  • All papers, exams and other graded assignments will be held for the period of one academic semester, after which all unclaimed projects will be discarded.

  • MLA (Modern Language Association) rules are to be followed for each formal writing; if you are unfamiliar with these, I suggest you pick up a copy of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers in the bookstore, visit the Purdue OWL reference or the library website for information.

  • Point of information: gender neutral language is required by MLA standards. It will be required in your writing assignments as well. (I.e. avoid using the generic "he" to indicate groups of both men and women; do not use "man" to indicate "human," "mankind" for "humankind," etc.). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

  • Plagiarism comes in many forms, some of which you may not know. You will be required to abide by the policies in the USF Undergraduate Catalogue. I do not tolerate any form of plagiarism, even accidental.

    The USF Undergraduate Catalog provides the following policy under Academic Integrity:

      2. Plagiarism is intentionally or carelessly presenting the work of another as oneís own. It includes submitting an assignment purporting to be the studentís original work which has wholly or in part been created by another person. It also includes the presentation of the work, ideas, representations, or words of another person without customary and proper acknowledgement of sources. Students must consult with their instructors for clarification in any situation in which the need for documentation is an issue, and will have plagiarized in any situation in which their work is not properly documented.
      a) Every direct quotation must be identified by quotation marks or appropriate indentation and must be properly acknowledged by parenthetical citation in the text or in a footnote or endnote.
      b) When material from another source is paraphrased or summarized in whole or in part in oneís own words, that source must be acknowledged in a footnote or endnote, or by parenthetical citation in the text.
      c) Information gained in reading or research that is not common professional knowledge must be acknowledged in a parenthetical citation in the text or in a footnote or endnote.
      d) This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, the use of papers, reports, projects, and other such materials prepared by someone else.

  • Submission of formal papers will be required through Turnitin, through Canvas. This is a plagiarism-finding service.

  • One-Extension Policy -- In light of the perverse laws of the universe, which occasionally bring a tragedy between you and your goals, I have established a one-extension rule, which grants you a short extension (as circumstances require) for one time only. In other words, you will get one second chance. It is up to you to decide if and when you will use that "Free Spin" because there will be no others. You must inform me of your decision, but you do not have to describe your reason. That is your business. But remember, you will not get another break.

  • Incompletes -- There are absolutely NO incompletes for this class. If circumstances arise that prevent you from finishing the course work as scheduled, it is in your best interest to drop the course and take it at a time when your life affords you better conditions for studying. This policy is firm. There are no exceptions.

  • Disabilities: If you will require academic assistance due to disability, I will be happy to comply. Please see me as soon as possible. Also review USF policies in the Undergraduate Catalog.

  • Students who anticipate the necessity of being absent from class due to a major religious observance must provide notice of the date(s) to the instructor, in writing, by the second class meeting. Likewise, students who anticipate the necessity of being absent from class due to USF sponsored activity (e.g. Athletics) must provide notice of the date(s) to the instructor in a formal document, by the second class meeting. All efforts to make up the work missed is incumbent upon the excused student.