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Draft or Plan Assessment

When you read the drafts or microdrafts of your classmates, consider what you can offer to make the writing / essay better. Offer constructive advice, being as specific as possible. The writer may not have seen things from your perspective, and he or she will benefit from another point of view. When making comments, students tend to be uncritical because they don't want to hurt the writer's feelings. You should point out errors or potential problems in a respectful way, as well as give encouraging support where appropriate.

Some questions to consider:

1) Is the writer's objective clear? Is the topic specific?

2) Will the plan fit the requirements for the paper? Is it too complicated? Too simple? Too long? Too short?

3) What can you add to the plan to make it clearer, more precise, better supported?

4) Where do you think the paper can be cut?

5) Is the organization clear? Are the transitions apparent?

6) Are there any spelling or grammatical errors that you can correct?

7) What are your general reactions to the paper?