Online Resources for Service-Learning

Learn and Serve America’s National Service-Learning Clearinghouse

A comprehensive site that addresses basic questions on service-learning (what is service-learning, how to incorporate service-learning in the classroom, etc), and includes separate resources for K-12 and higher education. In addition to curriculum suggestions, the site also has reference resources listed. The Higher Education section includes a free PDF download of Faculty Toolkit for Service-Learning in Higher Education, and also features an online library, with many full-text resources available. The SLICE page (Service-Learning Ideas and Curricular Examples) includes curriculum suggestions based on the grade level (divided as K-3, 4-6, 6-8, 9-12, and higher education) and discipline.


National Youth Leadership Council

While this site is geared toward K-12, it does provide a helpful breakdown of the basic components of service-learning (see the tab “What is service learning?”) and includes examples of specific service-learning projects that teachers have submitted to the site (see “Resource Library, Project Examples”), as well as a bibliography of helpful resources for teachers creating their first service-learning projects.


Florida Campus Compact

A site specifically devoted to service-learning in Florida higher education. The Resources for Faculty link includes models of service-learning, discipline-specific syllabi, and links to other online resources, as well as a list of recommended books on service-learning.


Campus Compact

The parent organization website (of which Florida Compact is a part) includes faculty resources as well, including the above link to both Campus Compact and outside resources that address a variety of service-learning related issues. They are higher education specific resources. 


USF Collaborative

The USF Collaborative helps partner faculty with Tampa Bay community service organizations, and they also award grants to USF faculty working on interdisciplinary research. A helpful place to search for Tampa area organizations that could be included in a service-learning project (see the Working in the Community link).


USF Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement

USF’s CLCE coordinates volunteer and leadership opportunities for USF students. Though it is a student-based site, they also offer in-class workshops and other materials for faculty who want to incorporate service-learning activities for their students.


USF College of Education Community Engagement

Includes a brief overview of service-learning and a bibliography of scholarly resources on service-learning (the resources listed are mostly directed toward K-12 and teacher education). The site also addresses how the College of Education has integrated service-learning into their own curriculum.