ENL 6236.002:  Restoration Literature          Fall 2004                                    Dr. Runge



(Titles in bold are on reserve.)



Note:  The standard edition of Aphra Behn’s works is edited by Janet Todd: The Works of Aphra Behn. Ed. Janet Todd. 7 vols. Columbus:  The Ohio State University Press, 1992-1996.  PR3317 .A6 1992


v. 1. Poetry -- v. 3. The fair jilt and other short stories -- v. 5. The plays, 1671-1677 -- v. 6. The plays, 1678-1682 -- v. 7. The plays, 1682-1696.


Consult these for informative notes, history, standard and reliable text, and bibliography.  This should be your first stop for any presentation or scholarship on Behn.  Please be considerate of others in keeping any of the volumes for a length of time.  If the volume you want is out, you can place a recall on it.


Ballaster, Ros.  Seductive Forms:  Women's Amatory Fiction 1684-1740 (1992).

Cotton, Nancy.  Women Playwrights in England (1980).

Duffy, Maureen.  The Passionate Shepherdess:  Aphra Behn 1640-1689 (1989).

Ferguson, Moira.  Subject to Others:  British Women Writers and Colonial Slavery, 1670-1843 (1992).

Goreau, Angeline.  Reconstructing Aphra: A Social Biography of Aphra Behn (1980).

Guffey, George.  "Aphra Behn's Oroonoko: Occasion and Accomplishment," in Two English Novelists (1975).

Hughes, Derek.  The Theatre of Aphra Behn (2001).

Hunter, Heidi.  Rereading Aphra Behn:  History, Theory, and Criticism (1993).

Kreis-Schinck, Annette. Women, Writing, And The Theater In The Early Modern Period : The Plays Of Aphra Behn And Susanne Centlivre (2001).

Mendelson, Sara Heller.  The Mental World of Stuart Women:  Three Studies (1987).

O'Donnell, Mary Ann.  Aphra Behn:  An Annotated Bibliography (1986).

Spencer, Jane.  Aphra Behn’s Afterlife (2000).

Stapleton, M. L. Admired and Understood: The Poetry of Aphra Behn (2004).

Todd, Janet.   Aphra Behn:  New Casebook (1999)

 ---. (ed.)  Aphra Behn Studies (1996).

---.  Critical Fortunes of Aphra Behn (1998).

---. The Secret Life of Aphra Behn (1996).  **most recent and most detailed biography of the poet.  PR3317.Z5 T645 1997 On reserve.

Woodcock, George. The Incomparable Aphra (rpr. 1989).







Note:  the standard edition for Dryden is commonly referred to as the California Dryden: Dryden, John. Works. General editors: Edward Niles Hooker, H.T. Swedenberg, Jr. 20 vols. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1956-1989.  PR3410 1961


v. 1. Poems, 1649-1680.--v.2. Poems, 1681-1684.--v.3. Poems, 1685-1692.--v.4. Poems, 1693-1696.--v.6. Poems, The works of Virgil in English, 1697.--v.7. Poems, 1697-1700.--v.8. Plays: The wild gallant. The rival ladies. The Indian queen.--v.9. Plays: The Indian emperour. Secret love. Sir Martin Marall.--v.10. Plays: The tempest. Tyrannick love. An evening's love.--v.11. The conquest of Granada. Marriage a-la-mode. The assignation.-- v. 12. Plays: Amboyna. The State of Innocence. Aureng-zebe. -- v. 13. The works of John Dryden.--v. 14. Plays: The kind keeper. The Spanish Fryar. The Duke of Guise. The vindication of the Duke of Guise.--v. 15. Plays: Albion and Albanus. Don Sebastian Amphytryon -- v.17. Prose, 1668,-1691: An essay of dramatick poesie and shorter works.--v.18 Prose: The history of the league 1684.--v. 19. Prose: The history of the life of St. Francis Xavier 1688.--v. 20 Prose, 1691-1698: De Arte Graphica and shorter works.


Consult these for informative notes, history, standard and reliable text, and bibliography.  This should be your first stop for any presentation or scholarship on Dryden.  I will put volume 11 (includes Conquest of Granada) on reserve.  Otherwise, please be considerate of others in keeping any of the volumes for a length of time.  If the volume you want is out, you can place a recall on it.



The year 2000 marked the tercentenary of Dryden’s death and, predictably, a number of conferences with requisite essays collections were devoted to the scholar.  These will provide some of the most recent views on this important literary figure.


1)      Paul Hammond, David Hopkins (eds.) John Dryden: Tercentenary Essays (Oxford 2000) PR3424 .J64 2000. On Reserve.

2)      Claude Rawson, Aaron Santesso (eds.).  John Dryden 1631-1700: His Politics, His Plays, His Poets (U Delaware 2004) PR3424 .J635 2004. On Reserve.

3)      Susan Green , Stephen Zwicker (eds.).  John Dryden: A Tercentenary Miscellany (Huntington Library 2001).  Not at USF – avail UF

4)      Wolfgang Gort Schacher and Holger Klein (eds.) Dryden and the World of Neoclassicism (Stauffenberg 2001). Not at USF.


Also See Huntington Library Quarterly 63 (2000) which is devoted to essays on John Dryden by some major scholars.  Located in periodicals: Z671 .H8      


Aden, John.  Critical Opinions of John Dryden (1963).

Brady, Jennifer and Earl Miner. Literary Transmission and Authority: Dryden and Other Writers (1993).

Eliot, T. S.  John Dryden, The Poet, The Dramatist, The Critic -- Three Essays (1932).

Erskine-Hill, Howard. Poetry and the Realm of Politics: Shakespeare to Dryden (1996).

Frank, Marcie.  Gender, Theatre, and the Origins of Criticism from Dryden to Manley (2003).

Fujimura, T.  "Dryden's Poetics:  The Expressive Values in Poetry" Journal of English and German Philology 74 (April 1975): 195-208.

Gelber, Michael.  The Just and the Lively: The Literary Criticism of John Dryden (1999)

Harth,  Phillip. Contexts of Dryden's Thought (1968).

---. Pen for Party: Dryden’s Tory Propaganda in its Contexts (1993).

Haley, David.  Dryden and the Problem of Freedom (1997).

Hume, Robert.  Dryden's Criticism (1970).

James Jensen, Dryden's Critical Terms. (Not at USF.)

Johnson, Samuel.  The Life of Dryden in Lives of the English Poets. (Various editions, also check the standard edition of Johnson’s work: The Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson.

Kinsley, James.  Dryden:  The Critical Heritage (1971).

Kramer, David B. The Imperial Dryden: Poetics of Appropriation in Seventeenth-Century England (1994).

Levine, Joseph.  Between Ancients and Moderns:  Baroque Culture in Restoration England (1999); avail as e-book from Virtual Library.

McFadden, George.  Dryden:  The Public Writer (1978).

McKeon, Michael.  Politics and Poetry in Restoration England  (1975).

Miner, Earl.  Dryden's Poetry (1967).

----.  John Dryden - Writers and Their Backgrounds (1972).

Runge, Laura.  “Dryden’s Gendered Balance and the Augustan Ideal,” Gender and Language in British Literary Criticism 1660-1790 (1997)

Schilling, Bernard.  Dryden:  A Collection of Critical Essays (1963).

Scott, Sir Walter.  Life of Dryden.

Swedenberg, H. T. Essential Articles:  John Dryden (1966).

Watson, George (ed.)  Of Dramatic Poesy and other Critical Essays, Vols. 1 &2 (1964).

Winn, James.  'When Beauty Fires the Blood':  Love and the Arts in the Age of Dryden. (1992).

----.  John Dryden and His World (1987). PR3423 .W5 1987 On Reserve.

Zionkowski, Linda.  Men’s Work: Gender, Class and the Professionalization of Poetry (2001).

Zwicker, Stephen.  The Cambridge Companion to John Dryden (2004). PR3424 .C36 2004  On Reserve.






Note:  Rochester’s oeuvre is notoriously unstable.  A recent edition edited by Harold Love promises much, but I’m not certain, yet, whether it will become the standard edition.

          The works of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester Ed. Harold Love (Oxford and New York:  Oxford University Press, 1999).  PR3669 .R2 1999


          Because this is a single volume edition, I will put it on course reserve.


Also consult The Letters Of John Wilmot, Earl Of Rochester. Ed. Jeremy Treglown. Chicago: Chicago UP, 1980.


Burns, Edward (ed.)  Reading Rochester (1995).

Combe, Kirk.  A Martyr for Sin:  Rochester’s Critique of Polity, Sexuality, and Society (1998).

Farley-Hills, David.  Rochester's Poetry (1978).

----.  Rochester the Critical Heritage (1972).

Fisher, Nicholas (ed.)  That Second Bottle:  Essays on John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester (2000).

Greene, Graham.  Lord Rochester's monkey; being the life of John Wilmot, second Earl of Rochester (1974). DA447.R6 G7  On Reserve.

Greer, Germaine.  John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester (2000).

Griffin, Dustin.  Satires Against Man:  The Poems of Rochester (1973).

Hayward, John.  Collected Works of John Wilmot (1926).

Manning, Gillian.  "Rochester's Satyr Against Reason and Mankind and the Contemporary Religious Debate" Seventeenth Century 8 (Spring 1993): 92-121.

Pinto, Vivian de Sola.  Poems by John Wilmot (1953).

----.  Rochester: Portrait of a Restoration Poet (1971).

Thormählen, Marianne.  Rochester:  The Poems in Context (1993).

Treglown, Jeremy.  Spirit of Wit:  Reconsiderations of Rochester (1982).

Vieth, David.  John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, Critical Essays (1988).

Walker, Keith (ed.)  Poems of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester (1984) (compare with Love’s 1999 edition).

Wilson, John Harold.  The Court Satires of the Restoration (1976).






Note: for your research paper on theatre performance or production, you should consult the following two references:


1)       A Biographical Dictionary Of Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Dancers, Managers & Other Stage Personnel In London, 1660-1800, by Philip H. Highfill, Jr., Kalman A. Burnim, and Edward A. Langhans. 16 vols. Carbondale, Southern Illinois University Press [1973]-c1993


v. 1. Abaco to Belfille.--v. 2. Belfort to Byzand.--v. 3. Cabanel to Cory.--v. 4. Corye to Dynion.--v. 5. Eagan to Garrett.--v. 6. Garrick to Gyngell.--v. 7. Habgood to Houbert.-- v. 8. Hough to Keyse.-- v. 9. Kickill to Machin.-- v. 10. M'Intosh to Nash.-- v. 11. Naso to Pinkey.-- v. 12. Pinner to Rizzo.--v. 13. Roach to H. Siddons. -- v. 14. S. Siddons to Thynne. --v. 15. Tibbett to M. West. -- v. 16. W. West to Zwingman.


These books are non-circulating, in reference: PN2597 .H5   They are also available as an e-book through the virtual library.


2)                  The London stage, 1660-1800; a calendar of plays, entertainments & afterpieces, together with casts, box- receipts and contemporary comment. Compiled from the playbills, newspapers and theatrical diaries of the period.  5 vols. Carbondale, Southern Illinois University Press, 1960-68. PN2592 .L6


For our class, we will principally be concerned with Part 1: 1660-1700, edited by W. Van Lennep, with a critical introd. by E. L. Avery and A. H. Scouten, and so I will put that on reserve.


Also note that there is a comprehensive Index to the London Stage 1660-1800, compiled with intro by Ben Ross Schneider, Jr.  Carbondale and Edwardsville:  Southern Illinois University Press, 1979.  Reference PN 2592 L63 S3.


[Hint:  to search for books at USF library, search under subject headings “English Drama – Restoration 1660-1700 – History and Criticism”.]


For individual dramatists, you should begin your search by consulting the Dictionary of Literary Biography Restoration and Eighteenth-century Dramatists (1st and 2nd and 3rd series, vols. 80-89 circa) also available online through Literature Resource Center, a Galenet database, searchable by name.


Brown, Laura.  English Dramatic Form (1981).

Canfield, Douglas.  Heroes and States: On the Ideology of Restoration Tragedy (2000).

----.  Tricksters and Estates: On the Ideology of Restoration Comedy (1997) also available as an e-book through the Virtual Library.

Corman, Brian.  Genre and Generic Change in English Comedy 1660-1710 (1993).

Howe, Elizabeth.  The First English Actresses:  Women and Drama 1660-1700 (1992). Available at USF in Sarasota only.

Hughes, Derek.  English Drama 1660-1700 (1996).

Hume, Robert and Milhous, Judith.  Producible Interpretation (1985).

Hume, Robert.  A Register of English Theatrical Documents (1991).

----.  The Development of English Drama in the late 17th Century. (1976).

----.  The London Theatre World (1980).

----.  The Rakish Stage:  Studies in English Drama 1660-1800 (1983).

Hutner, Heidi.  Colonial Women:  Race and Culture in Stuart Drama (2001). Includes section on Widow Ranter.

Johnson, Odai.  Rehearsing the Revolution: Radical Performance, Radical Politics in English Restoration (2000).

Kavenik, Frances.  British Drama 1660-1779: A Critical History (Twayne, 1995).

Kreis-Schinck, Annette. Women, Writing, And The Theater In The Early Modern Period : The Plays Of Aphra Behn And Susanne Centlivre (2001).

Lowenthal, Cynthia.  Performing Identities on the Restoration Stage (2003) also available as an e-book through the Virtual Library.

Link, Frederic.  English Drama 1660-1800:  A Guide to Information Sources  (1976) In library's reference section:  Z2014.D7L55.

Markley, Robert.  Two Edg'd Weapons (1988).

Orr, Bridget. Empire on the English Stage (2001).

Owen, Susan.  Restoration Theatre and Crisis (1996)  (treatment of Behn and Dryden).

--- (ed.).  Companion to Restoration Drama (Blackwell, 2001) PR691 .C66 2001 On Reserve.

Payne Fisk, Deborah (ed.).  Cambridge Companion to Restoration Theatre (2000) PR691 .C35 2000 On Reserve.

Pearson, Jacqueline.  The Prostituted Muse:  Images of Women and Women Dramatists 1642-1737 (1988).

Powell, Jocelyn.  Restoration Theatre Production (1984).

Quinsey, Katherine (ed.)  Broken Boundaries: Women and Feminism in Restoration Drama (1996).

Ramczyk, Susanne.  Delicious Dissembling: A Complete Guide to Performing Restoration Comedy (2002).

Restoration and Eighteeth-Century Theatre Research: A Bibliographical Guide (1900-1968) in library REFERENCE: Z2014. D7 S854.

Rosenthal, Laura.  Playwrights and Plagiarists in Early Modern England: Gender, Authorship, Literary Property (1996).

Runge, Laura.  Gender and Language in British Literary Criticism (1997).

Schofield, Mary Ann.  Curtain Calls:  British and American Women and the Theatre: 1660-1820 (1991).

Staves, Susan.  Players' Scepters:  Fictions of Authority in the Restoration (1979).

Straub, Kristina.  Sexual Suspects:  Eighteenth-Century Players and Sexual Ideology (1992).

Styan, J. L. Restoration Comedy in Performance (1986).

Taylor, Thomas J. Restoration Drama:  An Annotated Bibliography (1989).




(see also Aphra Behn and General)


Davis, Lennard.  Factual Fictions (1983).

Donovan, Josephine. Women and the Rise of the Novel, 1405-1726 (1999).

Gallagher, Catherine. Nobody's Story : The Vanishing Acts Of Women Writers In The Marketplace, 1670-1820 (1994).

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----.  "The Origins of the English Novel," Modern Philology, 82 (1984), 76-86.

Todd, Janet.  The Sign of Angellica:  Women Writing and Fiction 1660-1800 (1989).

Watt, Ian.  The Rise of Novel (1957).






Backsheider, Paula.  Spectacular Politics:  Theatrical Power and Mass Culture in Early Modern England. (1993).

Brant, Clare and Purkiss Diane (eds.)  Women, Texts, Histories 1575 – 1760 (1992).

Brown, Laura.  Ends of Empire:  Women and Ideology in Early Eighteenth-Century English Literature. (1993).

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Grundy, Isobel and Wiseman, Susan (eds.) Women, Writing, History 1640-1740 (1992).

Harris, Tim.  London Crowds in the Reign of Charles II: Propaganda and Politics from the Restoration until the Exclusion Crisis (1987).

Kenyon, J. P. Stuart England (Pelican History number 6) 2nd edition (1985).  DA375.K39 1985 On Reserve.

Lord, George deF.  Poems on Affairs of State (1963).  This collection of primary texts will supplement your reading from the Restoration period. 

Pacheco, Anita (ed).  Companion to Early Modern Women’s Writing (Blackwell, 2002). PR113 .C66 2002  On Reserve.

Prescott, Sarah and David E. Shuttleton (eds.)  Women and Poetry, 1660-1750 (2003). PR555.W6 W65 2003  On Reserve.

Spingarn, Joel. Critical Essays of the Seventeenth Century (1957).  Another source of primary texts from the period, particularly rich in dramatic criticism.

Uphaus, Robert and Gretchen Foster (eds.)  The Other Eighteenth Century : English Women Of Letters 1660-1800 (1991). PR1110.W6 O84 1991  On Reserve.

Weinbrot, Howard.  Brittania's Issue:  The Rise of British Literature from Dryden to Ossian (1993).

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Zwicker, Steven. Cambridge Companion to English Literature 1650-1740 (1998) PR437 .C36 1998  On Reserve.

---. Lines of Authority: Politics and English Culture 1649-1689 (1993).






(All of these are shelved in Periodicals, 2nd floor.  These will be especially helpful in locating recent articles and books on your subject.  Please consult the recent issues.)


Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Theatre Research  PN2000.R4


Restoration:  Studies in English Literary Culture, 1660-1700  PR437.R47

(Contains brief reviews of recent work published (some longer reviews) and articles; reviews are helpfully organized under the names of authors.


Scriblerian and the Kit Cats PR445.A1 S3

(Like Restoration, contains brief and longer reviews of articles and books on Restoration and early eighteenth century literature and culture.  Reviews are organized by articles, books, and briefly mentioned.  In each major category, reviews are organized by names of authors or general subject.  There is an index for each volume in the back.)


Eighteenth-century Studies

Available through JSTOR and Project Muse databases, through the Virtual Library.  Past issues are searchable by keywords and authors in JSTOR.  You can easily browse recent titles and abstracts of current editions online at Project Muse.