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Oct. 18, 2004

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LIT 4930.001
Appreciating Poetry

Fall 2004
Time: Monday and Wednesday
11:00am - 12:15 pm
Room: CPR 348

Class 18

No new reading assignment.

Be prepared to discuss a review of Keats' poetry and his development through his oeuvre. Bring particular questions to class for discussion. We did not spend much time on Lamia in class, and so we might look at that poem more closely.
Also, bring to class any questions you have on your writing assignment -- the analysis paper.

DUE: Group A: Post 9

POEM TO ANNOTATE: Lamia -- or another poem that you choose.

Class Objectives:

  • Discuss Keats development over time

  • Discuss recurrent themes and images in Keats' poetry

    This is our last class on Keats. Take the opportunity to review the principles of poetry that we have covered from the beginning. What questions do you still have? What have you learned so far? What is it that Keats' poetry DOES at its best?

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