Eighteenth-Century Literature

A new series for the undergraduate classroom

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This series brings into print significant eighteenth-century literature in pairs or groups that speak to each other. In an age when coffee-houses and salons hummed with the talk of culture, conversation provided a key to urban growth and civilization. Combined with an unprecedented boom in print, the age also witnessed the first widespread success of women and middle class authors. For various reasons, women's part in the cultural conversation became muted over the course of time. The Eighteenth-Century Literature series by College Publishing focuses on restoring that dynamic by making the work of men and women available to today's student in a format that stresses their intertextuality. With informative introductions based in current research and several aids to guide the undergraduate to further reading, this unique series creates an opportunity for a rich and historically based discussion of the work of well-known authors together with their important, but frequently overlooked, contemporaries.

Last updated: August 3, 2001