Eighteenth-Century Literature

A new series for the undergraduate classroom

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This series will feature writings by eighteenth-century British women in volumes that combine relevant texts. Initially it will focus on novels and other prose narratives. The combination of texts is intended to accommodate a variety of relationships, including the works of related male and female authors, major and minor writers, or works that demonstrate a clear influence on another.

The paired texts published in a single volume are particularly attractive for the undergraduate classroom, because they immediately set up a teacherly comparison that lends itself to a variety of courses. Moreover, by pairing some under published writing by women with a relatively better known work, the series will provide a context for writing by women that will appeal even to those unfamiliar with women's literature.

Each volume will include:

o an informative introduction placing the works in historical and literary context
o supplemental maps and/or illustrations
o informational footnotes placed at the bottom of the page where they are called out
o an appendix with several contemporary reviews of the works (when available)
o informational boxes within the text with brief essays or comparative passages from related materials

Last updated: August 3, 2001