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ENL 4122
English Novel

Spring 2005
Time: Monday and Wednesday
11:00 - 12:15 pm

Class 10

Reading Assignment:

Feb. 13 Tom Jones Books XIII-XV, through p. 540
    Post #5 (Group A)
    Historical Annotation: Gregory Schmidt presentation


Class Objectives:

  • To discuss Jones' arrival in London
  • To discuss the role of Lady Bellaston
  • To compare Nightingale's love/marriage


Notes and Discussion Questions:

1. London

What happens when Jones arrives in London? How do people behave? What role does "gentility" or "breeding" have in that society? How would you describe the importance of class or status? How would you describe the importance of money?

In what sense does London represent a contrast to Paradise Hall? Examine particular instances of London social life: the masquerade, visits, courtship, crime, poverty.

Why does the term "charity" come to play such a significant role in this section? How does charity compare with Love? What does our narrator have to say about his earlier?

In terms of the hero's journey, what does London represent?


2. Lady Bellaston

Compare Tom's affair with Lady Bellaston to that with Molly Seagrim and Mrs. Waters. How is this different? To what extent has Tom prostituted his honor in this part of the novel?

What is Lady Bellaston's role in Sophia's "affair" with Lord Fellamar? What does this suggest about her morals? How does the narrative represent aristocratic women? What is the relationship between class/status and virtue?


3. Nightingale

Examine the story of Nightingale and Nancy. How is Nightingale like and not like our hero? What role does Tom play in the resolution of Nigtingale's problem? What does this suggest about Tom?

What role does love, honor, filial devotion and money play in the forming of Nigtingale's marriage?

What role does Nightingale's story play as a narrative development? In other words, how would you analyze the structural significance of Nightingale? What does his story suggest about Tom's story?


4. Historical suggestions


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