Practical for Interdisciplinary Teaching:  Geography


Explore the online map exhibit "In thy map securely saile": Maps, Atlases, Charts, and Globes from the Lawrence H. Slaughter Collection at The New York Public Library:


The exhibit combines historical, visual and geographical information regarding the images of maps from the 17th and 18th centuries.  How might these be useful for teaching literature of the period?  How might these be useful for teaching literature of later periods that invoke or reflect on the one-time people and places of the British empire?


Consider the following ideas:


Maps, written by individual or collective beings, are texts subject to the same arts and sciences, politics, histories and ideologies that literary texts are. 


Maps literally chart geographic regions of the earth, but they also map power relations among nations and individuals.  They chart knowledge.


Maps are visual objects.




Take five to ten minutes and brainstorm on these ideas.  How might analysis of maps contribute to a literature class?