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LAE 6389.001 Practice Teaching Literature

Feb. 1
Class 4: McKeachie, Chaps. 12-14

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Discussion Questions

Review the research on motivational theories in chapter 12. How might some of these apply to the literature classroom? For example, what choices for students might you integrate into your course? How would you foster intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation? Value for knowledge and expectations for success? Mastery rather than performance? How might you help students to make attributions based on effort? How could you incorporate (or would you incorporate) social goals in your class?

Review the 9 recommendations for increasing student motivation. Which ones would work well for literature? Which ones would not? Why?

At USF student diversity is farily high. After reading chapter 13 on Teaching culturally diverse students, what cultural conflicts or confusions might you expect to encounter as a teacher? How might your own cultural identity affect the dynamic of the classroom? What might help?

What, if anything, did you learn about culturally diverse populations in this chapter and how might it be useful to you?

Are there any ethnic or "diverse" populations left of of this particular discussion? What can you add?

What is the very first thing every teacher should consider when encountering a problem in the classroom?

How would you describe McKeachie's philosophy or theory in handling classroom management problems? What is the common ground in his solutions/recommendations? Evaluate.


Active learning and discussion

Browsing Literature Anthologies

I will bring to class several current and competing literary anthologies. We will take time to explore these individually and as a group. Our goals will include:

  • to evaluate the range and quality of literature within

  • to evaluate the methods of organization

  • to evaluate the text from the perspective of a teacher

      What sorts of questions will you ask of it as a teacher?

  • to evaluate the text from the perspective of a student

      What sorts of questions will you ask of it as a student?

  • to imagine teaching with this text and its usefulness


    Active learning and discussion

    Role Playing

    In groups of three, we will attempt to role-play some difficult classroom situations. One teacher, two students, and the rest of us will be observers. We will do ten minute spots and take time to evaluate the scenes. Bring your acting persona!

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