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LAE 6389 Practice Teaching Literature

Jan. 20
Class 3: How to balance background with textual reading / Which/how much research in balance with interpretation.
Presentation: Sasha


    When I was taught teaching some 12 years ago, received wisdom posited that during any fifty minute lecture students can retain a maximum of three essential points. Experience tells me that this is often optimistic.

    Given this, what three points do you present? What three points are essential? How do you decide? How do you structure a fifty minute lecture around three points?

    Take ten minutes on your own and draw up a hypothetical lecture plan. Imagine that you are responsible for a literature survey of some sort and you have to teach a single work in a single class. If it is helpful, imagine the work that you are going to teach. Choose three points that are essential to convey and be prepared to discuss a) why; b)how you might convey them; and c) what to do to fill up the forty-five other minutes.

    After writing on your own for ten minutes or so, we will share our plans with the class and discuss some principles of lecture.

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