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LAE 6389 Practice Teaching Literature

Class 12: Teaching Philosophy

Class Objectives

    Student Presentation: Teaching Resource: Alaina Tackit
    Student Presentation: Syllabus Check: Zita Rarastesa
    Assignment: Statement of Teaching Philosophy -- peer review
    Post #11

Notes and Discussion Questions:

Let's use this class as a chance to conclude or revisit issues that need or want further discussion. Where do you think we need to go with our discussion? Or, we can post our Teaching Philosophies and start the discussion there.

Part of our class will involve reviewing a statement of teaching philosophy. I distinguish between the statement of methodology and the statement of philosophy in the following way: the statement of methodology is "what you do in the classroom" and the philosophy is "why you do it." Or, to borrow a fellow student's phrase from earlier, the first is your deep bag of tricks, whereas the statement of teaching philosophy should be a concise abstract of your personal rationale for teaching.


Active learning and discussion

Teaching Philosophy

Today's exercise is explained on the above link.

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