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LAE 6389 Practice Teaching Literature

Class 8: Wikipedia in the Classroom / Assessment

    McKeachie chaps 16 (hi / lo stakes writing), 17 (teaching with tech)
    Wikipedia Education Program - Case Studies in course docs
    Instructor Basics - How to Use Wikipedia in the classroom in course docs

    Wikipedia Assignment: move article out of sandbox
    Assignment: Make your own rubric for student essays
    Post #4 Group A / Response Group B

Class Objectives:

    Finalize Wikipedia contributions - share
    Reflect on wikipedia writing assignment
    Review how to use Wikipedia in the classroom
    Discuss Teaching with Technology pros/cons/ideas
    Student Presentation: Two Syllabus Check: Colleen Kolba, Micah Chapman

Notes and Discussion Questions:

    For your post this week, please do a reflective piece on your experience working with Wikipedia for this class. The following questions can guide this reflection (or not). This will serve as the final part of the Wikipedia assignment for LAE6389: the reflective essay and post.

    The final evaluation of the contribution will be based on what you move out of your sandbox into the Wikipedia article this week.

    Using the readings in McKeachie on low and high stakes writing as well as teaching with technology, reflect on the pros and cons of using Wikipedia in the classroom.

    What was your experience as a student doing a wikipedia assignment like? What are the best parts of the experience? What are the worst?

    How might the assignment be improved for this class?

    The case studies provide examples of different ways of using Wikipedia in the classroom. How might you adapt this for the literature classroom?

    The instructor guide provides information on how you might develop your own assignment. What questions does this raise for you? What ideas does it suggest that interest you?


    Active Learning and Discussion


    As a companion to this grading experience, I would like for you to develop your own rubric for assessing literature essays. While you can adopt any number of models with which you are familiar, please be aware of the unique objectives that teaching literature brings. Consider how you will evaluate, for example, the different stages of critical thinking, knowledge of and interpretation of the literature, originality of thought and insight. These are some of the more complex aspects of writing about literature.

    In your peer review in class, please consider some of the following questions:

      Based on the categories, what learning objectives are rewarded most in this rubric?

      Are the descriptions clear and straigtforward? Are there areas of potential confusion?

      Are the levels appropriate for the grades or values assigned? Are there grades and values assigned?

      Will this be a useful tool for students?

      Will this be a useful tool for the instructor?

    I have included a variety of different approaches to rubrics and evaluating writing in your course files on Canvas. Please take a look.

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