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LAE 6389 Practice Teaching Literature

Class 11: Practice Teaching

    Student Presentations: 3 syllabus check Danielle Farrar, Anne Anderson, Scott Neumeister
    Student Presentations: 2 Teaching with Technology: Rachel and EJ, Dana and Danielle
    Post #5 Group B / Response Group A
Class Objectives:

    Review Wikipedia Assessment in class
    3 syllabus presentations
    2 teaching presentations

Notes and Discussion Questions:

    The class chose Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis as its teaching text this term. Today we have two teaching presentations.

    I will ask each of the non-participants (i.e. the class) to write a response and we will discuss these and turn them into the presenters. The form is attached here for you to preview.


    In your post, I encourage you to continue our conversations, particularly if there is something we have not been able to discuss as fully as you like. For example, I don't think we addressed the Reingold text very much, and we have to discuss evaluating the Wiki project (which I will do in class).

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