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LAE 6389 Practice Teaching Literature

Class 5: Work Day

    Class Objectives:

    Online syllabus workshop

    Due: Post #4

    Notes and Discussion Questions:

    This is one of two classes devoted to working online on your major projects. While you have the freedom to use whatever time you have to complete this work, I expect you to engage with your classmates online in Google Docs and/or other forums.

    Projects that you should be working on include:
    Technology Bibliography -- use this time to research and try out different tools and brainstorm on how you might use them. If you are online at the same time with other classmates, share the tools in a synchronous environment, such as ether pad, or start another google doc.
    Syllabus -- this is definitely the time to share your work-in-progress on the syllabus. I expect everyone to post the document you are currently designing in the google doc with your name (see course collaborations in Canvas). I also expect you to offer constructive feedback to your classmates on their syllabi.
    The syllabus in progress is an opportunity to try peer-review. Take the opportunity to be meta-cognitive about the process of peer-review. What do you hope to see from your classmates in peer-review? What do you want to contribute to others' documents as a peer-reviewer? What do you feel able to contribute?
    Use the comment feature to add your constructive feedback on other people's documents. Please do not change another person's document unless you have that author's permission. I will post a peer-review packet from the online CLAQWA that may be of interest.

    For your post this day, record and reflect on what work you did during this work day. Let us know what worked and what didn't so that we can refine the process for the next work day.


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