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LAE 6389 Practice Teaching Literature

Class 11: Practice Teaching

    Class Objectives:

    To practice teaching Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper"

    To offer constructive feedback on practice teaching

    Due: Post #10

    Notes and Discussion Questions:

    The class chose Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper" as its teaching text this term. Today each student will have approximately 30 minutes to teach. Students should determine objectives and methods for the 30-minute segment, and prepare any handouts or tools that will be needed. The class will act as students and participate in the activities you design.

    We have 3.5 hours, and I would like to allow for 10 minutes of evaluation and conversation following each presentation. I will ask each of the non-participants (i.e. the class) to write a response and we will discuss these and turn them into the presenters. The form is attached here for you to preview.


    In your post, I encourage you to continue our conversations, or to comment on what you are planning to teach. Or, you might evaluate a blog posting from previous classes and use it as a jumping off point for reflection on your own teaching methods/strategies. This can be a meta-posting session.

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