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LAE 6389.001 Practice Teaching Literature

Class 1: Introductions, Anthologies, Gen Ed- Guest: Dr. Gould

Class Objectives:

Review syllabus
Distribute/choose sample Anthologies
Introduce Syllabus assignment
In-class reading assignment - introductions
Guest: Dr. Gould, Undergraduate Director
General Education Overview
Introduction to Literature, Poetry, Fiction, Drama, and Short Story

In-class Reading Assignment:

"A Test You Need to Fail": A Teacher's Open Letter to Her 8th Grade Students, by Ruth Ann Dandrea

or Dan Berrett's article "Students May Be Reading Plenty" in the Chronicle of Higher Education

    Notes and Discussion Questions:

    Discussion Excercise: What are we getting ourselves into?

    Divide the class into two groups. One group will read the Dandrea letter and one group will read the Berrett article. Allow a fifteen-minute break to read; set a time for the class to reconvene, ready for discussion.

    Consider: Both documents address the educational conditions our students face or have faced and we need to be prepared for this.

    While you read, pay attention to how you read, knowing that you will be expected to discuss the material.

    Part one -- Small group paraphrase and sharing 15 minutes
    In your reading group, identify the main points of the essay. Have a spokesperson for each group paraphrase the main points of the article to the other group. Be as clear and concise as possible. Accept additions and corrections from other members of the group.

    Part two -- Large group discussion 15 min
    Addressing both essays, answer the questions:

  • What do these essays tell us about our students?
  • How does each articulate the "problem" with education and the teaching of English in particular?
  • Do the essays address the same or different problems? Are they related at all?
  • How do these essays affect what you want to get out of a teaching practicum?

    Themes for the term: engagement, reflection and technology

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