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LAE 6389 Practice Teaching Literature

Class 11: Practice Teaching

    Allison Wise, Allison Gibbes, Cassie, Katie, Wes, Tony and Angela

      In class exercises
      Post #5 Group B / Response Group A

    Notes and Discussion Questions:

    We are reaching the ending of our class, and our class today will be largely run by yourselves.

    We have a number of teaching presentations. Please identify who is working with whom and how long you will need. We have three hours, and I would like to allow for 15 to 20 minutes of evaluation and conversation following each presentation. I will ask each of the non-participants (i.e. the class) to write a response and we will discuss these and turn them into the presenters. The form is attached here for you to preview.


    In your post, I encourage you to continue our conversations, or if you are preparing a teaching exercise to comment on what you are thinking about. Or, you might evaluate a resource from previous classes and use it as a jumping off point for reflection on your own teaching methods/strategies. We might discuss more assignments that you would like to try in your classroom for generating authentic student response to literature. This can be a meta-posting session.


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