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October 15, 2009

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LAE 6389 Practice Teaching Literature

Class 9: Practice Teaching

Reading Assignment:

Groups TBA - teaching unit
Student Presentation: Teaching Resource:Paul Corrigan
Student Presentation: Syllabus Check: Kurt Fawver

Post #8

Class Objectives:

    Teaching Unit:
    Teaching unit:
    Teaching unit:
    Teaching Unit:

Notes and Discussion Questions:

Our class today will be largely run by yourselves.

We have four teaching presentations: these 15 minute mini-classes will be followed by an evaluation session. I will ask each of the non-participants (i.e. the class) to write a response and we will discuss these and turn them into the presenters. The form is attached here for you to preview.

We have one teaching resource presentation.

We have one syllabus in progress presentation.


I encourage you to post on the teaching resource or to continue our conversations on matching objectives with assignments and assessments. You might evaluate the resource or use it as a jumping off point for reflection on your own teaching methods/strategies. We might continue to discuss assignments that you would like to try in your classroom for generating authentic student response to literature. You might ask questions and think about teaching Cane. If you are presenting yourself, you may want to reflect on the process of preparing the presentation. This can be a meta-posting session.


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