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LAE 6389 Practice Teaching Literature

Class 8: Practice Teaching

Reading Assignment:

    Angela Tartaglia: James M. Cahalan's "Teaching Hometown Literature: A Pedagogy of Place," College English 70.3 (January 2008)
    Josef Benson: Bridget Cooks, "Confronting Terrorism," Pedagogy 8.1 (2007).

Class Objectives:

    Teaching Unit: Ms. Bryant and Ms. Tartaglia -- "Girl" (Kincaid)
    Teaching unit: Patrick and James -- "The Rememberer" (Bender)
    Teaching unit: Jessica and Taylor -- "A Night-Sea Journey" (Barthes)
    Teaching Unit: Akeyla and Mantra -- "A Worn Path" (Welty)
    Student Presentation: Literature Review
    Student Presentation: Syllabus Check (Cameron, Gary)
    Assignment: Obtaining a student paper
    Post #4 Group B

Notes and Discussion Questions:

Our class today will be largely run by yourselves.

We have four teaching presentations: these 15 minute mini-classes will be followed by an evaluation session. I will ask each of the non-participants (i.e. the class) to write a response and we will discuss these and turn them into the presenters. The form is attached here for you to preview.

We have two teaching resource presentations.

We have two syllabus in progress presentations.

I encourage you to post on the readings, assignments and teaching resources that the students will be presenting/teaching. You might evaluate the resource or use it as a jumping off point for reflection on your own teaching methods/strategies. You might ask questions and think about teaching the literary work that will be presented. If you are presenting yourself, you may want to reflect on the process of preparing the presentation. This can be a meta-posting session.


Active learning and discussion

Obtaining a Student Paper

As the first part in a two-part grading exercise, I would like for you to present a group narrative on the process of obtaining a student paper from the internet. You should detail the process you went through in deciding what was available, how you learned about it, what the options were, and the details of the transaction. As the instructor, I will go through the process of paying for the papers and providing any information to a paper mill that is requested. Then I will turn the paper back to your group. The objective of this exercise is to enlighten us about the types of papers that are available for purchase or download by students, to make us aware of the contingencies of these transactions (i.e. cost, turnaround time, parameters of papers, availability, quality, range, topics, other details that I cannot even imagine). Because this source of information has become increasingly problematic, it is in our interest as instructors to know as much as we can about it. In your narrative, please also feel free to record your response to what you learned in this transaction.

In class we will present our findings orally and discuss. I also ask that you send me a copy of your group narrative for my records. If we find this exercise particularly enlightening, we can discuss doing something more formal with the results.

After class, I will ask you to exchange the paper with another group electronically so that everyone will be able to download a paper to grade. For next class you should grade the paper the way you expect to grade an essay for your literature class. We will discuss the results and process of grading in class.

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