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Laura L. Runge
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Links of Interest


  • Handbook for Discussing Poetry An introduction to the poetic terms. A great project in its early stages; put together by Harry Rusche of Emory University and his Intro Poetry students.

Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Literature

  • Eighteenth-Century Resources An extensive collection of sites related to eighteenth-century literature and more, maintained by Jack Lynch at the Rutgers University.

  • Romantic Chronology -- a webbed timeline on events and people from the Romantic era, by Laura Mandell of Miami University, Ohio and Alan Liu of UC Santa Barbara.

  • Victorian Web -- an important site devoted to the literature of Victorian England, with information on history, politics, social issues, literary criticism, biography and texts; maintained by George P. Landow of Brown University.

  • Jane Austen Info Page The starting place for Jane Austen information on the web -- maintained by Henry Churchyard at the University of Texas.

  • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein -- devoted to the resources on the novel, movie adaptations and related literature, by Martin Irvine at Georgetown University.

  • The Aphra Behn Society Homepage -- This site provides information on this academic association, an affiliate of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies; the page is maintained by Carole Meyers, Emory University.

Women's Literature

  • Brown University Women Writers Project -- a state-of-the-art textbase of women's writing before 1830, at Brown University.

  • Women Romantic Writers -- by Adriana Craciun at UC Davis, a list of available on-line texts by women from the Romantic era.

Beauty and the Arts

  • Internet Art Resources -- with valuable search engine, info on artists, museums, reviews, etc., sponsored in part by Judy Youens Gallery in Houston, Texas.

  • The World Museum of Poetry and Art Sponsored by the Tampa Bay Poetry Council, this site links you to contemporary poetry, contests and information on local happenings, as well as related sites.

  • The History of Beauty Syllabus of my course on the history of beauty, literatary, aesthetic and social issues -- taught Spring 1996.