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LIT 6394: Literature of Place: Florida

Class 2: History and Place, the Local

Reading Assignment:

    Cresswell, Place: A Short Introduction
    Excerpt from Lure of the Local in course docs
    Florida Reader, Introduction
    Poems, "Florida," "Seascape," by Elizabeth Bishop; "Fabliau of Florida," "O, Florida, Venereal Soil," "Farewell to Florida," Wallace Stevens; Hopler "Of the Dead so much less is expected," and "Academic Discourse"
    Post #1

Class Objectives:

    Discuss writings on a Florida place
    Discuss theories of place (Cresswell, Lippard)
    Class Discussion Leader: Karen Langbehn, "Seascape" by Bishop
    Comtemplative reading of poem(s)
    Sign up for discussion days -- on WIKI

Notes and Discussion Questions:

For your weekly post, please continue our visualization and writing on a Florida place. Expand the aphorism or poetic line into a full post of at least 300 words. Some of the questions to consider:
  • How do you know this place?
  • What is your role in this place?
  • What does it feel like to be in this place?
  • How does / does not this place reflect me?
  • What about this place shapes me?
  • How is this place unique?
  • How has this place changed over time?
  • What will this place look like in six months, a year, ten years, one hundred years?
  • Who named this place? What are the implications of its name?

    As you read the theories of place in Cresswell, consider how the ideas apply or do not apply to the place you have imagined or the places described by your classmates.

    How would you describe theories of place that are descriptive? Social constructivist? Phenomenological? What are some of the concerns or problems associated with each?

    In Lippard's introduction, she quickly reviews key terms in discussing place: Landscape, space, culture, nature, history, land. Provide a brief understanding of these terms in your own words.

    Given these readings on place and the introduction to the Florida Reader, what issues seem most salient for discussing Florida as a place? What are you most interested in?

    Read each of the poems carefully several times. Read each out loud. Annotate words or phrases you don't understand or raise questions for you. Identify what you think is the most important line (or set of lines) in the poem.

    How does each poem construct Florida as a place? Is it an aesthetic object? Is it a cultural space? Is it something else?


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