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LIT 6394: Literature of Place: Florida

Class 15: Closing

Reading Assignment:

    There is no additional reading assignment. But if you are interested in more, please continue to read in the course docs. There are poems we did not read; some theory and at least one critical essay on Florida poetry in "Miscellaneous Essays."

    Post #14

Class Objectives:

    Course evaluations for department
    Presentation of Critical / Creative projects
    Closing Slide show

Notes and Discussion Questions:

This is our last class together for this semester. We will spend time in reflection and discussion and think about what comes next. We will evaluate the course and ourselves. We will celebrate.

For this class, please prepare a five minute statement or presentation on your critical/creative project to share with the class. We understand that these are works in progress. The presentations are an opportunity to share your work with the class and get some feedback before you have finished.

For your post, I would like for us to consider the question "So What??" After an intense semester of learning, experience, reflection and writing, where do we go from here? What have you learned that you can take away, and what might be done with that?

We will celebrate with a closing slide show and food. Please bring something to share -- it would be cool if it had some connection to place!

**Please forward any pictures that you want included to Jessica! **


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