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LIT 4930: Florida Lit and Culture

Class 8: Field Trip - Ybor City

    DUE: Post Post 4 group B, Response group A

Class Objectives:

    Walking tour of Historic Ybor City

Notes and Discussion Questions:

    Using this Walking Tour of Historic Ybor, the class will explore Ybor as a place layered through time.

    For your posts, consider the postcards of Ybor in the slideshow we posted in Canvas as well as the images of historic Ybor in Ybor Chamber of commerce site, the Tampa Changing site, and especially the images from Cigar Factories

    What places are you most intrigued by and want to visit? Why?

    How does reading The Truth About Them inform your expectations of Ybor?

    What strategies are you using for organizing your Google MyMaps of The Truth About Them?


    Details for the trip:

    Meet on the third floor of Cooper Hall in front of the English department at (or as close to) 10:40 am on Thursday.

    We will divide into groups and drive from USF to Centro Ybor Garage, 1500 5th Ave.

    For students driving on your own, please meet either at the garage or at the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information Center at 1600 E. 8th Ave.

    Remember that we will be walking, and so dress appropriately. Also, you will need to take photos to document your phenomenological experience. You can use a phone camera or any other device; if you need to borrow a camera, please visit the DMC in the library to check one out in advance.

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