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April 13, 2016

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Dr. Laura L. Runge
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LIT 4930: Florida Lit and Culture

Class 27: Work Day

    DUE: Post 14 all

Class Objectives:

    Progress on research projects

Notes and Discussion Questions:

    The plan for this class is the same as last class. Please also see advice for conducting your oral presentations, and sign up for your time and date using Canvas collaborations.

    Please use this time to work on your postcard project. Suggestions include conducting research in the special collections, doing your "boots on the ground" investigations, developing your multimedia project in the DMC, writing on your own, practicing your oral presentation.

    If you need advice on a specific class related issue, please contact Professor Runge or Ms. Fox.

    For your posts (whether posting or responding) please write a brief report on your work in progress. How are you using your work day?

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