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LIT 4930: Florida Lit and Culture

Class 23: Hurricane Andrew

    Hurricane Andrew FL
    Recommended: Janz, "Places that Disasters Leave Behind," (Canvas)
    DUE: Post 12 group A, Response group B

Class Objectives:

    Discuss representations of hurricanes

    Practice Postcards

Notes and Discussion Questions:

    The selections on Hurricane Andrew in Florida Literature break down into three parts. Evaluate the different ways of writing about the hurricane. What is the rhetorical effect of the different sections? For example, what is the effect of referring to Andrew as a living entity in section one?

    Examine some google images for hurricanes. For example, how does this image of Hurricane Katrina (2005) compare with the picture of Andrew in the text. How do these images represent the hurricane? How do they represent Florida?

    How is the experience of the hurricane described in the second section? What is the phenomenological understandiing of place in this description? Why is Manatee Bay "the most beautiful anchorage of our entire sailing experience"? (151)

    How does one measure the impact of a hurricane?

    Have you ever experienced a hurricane? If so, how might you describe it?

    What is the effect of hurricanes on place attachment?

    How does the weather characterize Florida? How does it characterize Florida literature?

    Compare the representation of dangerous weather or the elements in The Yearling and "The Open Boat."

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