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LIT 4930: Florida Lit and Culture

Class 19:
    Digital multi-modal training - Meet in Library DMC
    Due: Post 10 group A, Response group B

Class Objectives:

    Review the scope and requirements of the postcard research project
    Learn how to use digital tools to create a multi-modal presentation of your research

Notes and Discussion Questions:

    Please review the PDF with the details of your postcard research project posted in Canvas.

    To prepare for class, please conduct this first stage of research:

    Read 10 short essays in the Hampton Dunn Then and Now newspaper column series. (Hint: log in through the USF Library website; search in e-journals, St. Petersburg Times,1992-1993; Search Hampton Dunn Then and Now.)

    Analyze the text and record any significant findings. For example, note what sources Dunn uses to write the history.

    Record the exact date and section of the column. Seek out one or two to in the microfilm so that you can see the postcard associated with the place. Make a copy of the images using the microfilm readers in the library. Photograph and attach image to your post.

    Remember to use your resources. In particular draw on the library resources that Melanie Griffin prepared for us: Florida Literature and Culture Library Guide

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