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LIT 6934: Literature of Place: Florida

December 2 Class 15: Conclusions

    Post Test / course Evals
    A poem of student’s choice
    Recommended: Gregory Byrd, "Aesthetics a the Southernmost Point: Towards a Definition of Florida Poetry" (Canvas)
    Presentation of Collaborative Projects

    DUE: Post #14
    Collaborative Projects

Class Objectives:

    To celebrate our class

Notes and Discussion Questions:

    I would like for this class, our last class of the semester, to be a celebration of what we have learned and who we have become through our time together. We will conduct the standard business of the "last class" rituals, such as the course evaluations. We will return to the pre-test you took on the first day, and reconsider our goals and knowledge of Florida as a place. I'd like to share some of your photo essays from the last independent field trips, and so if you do not want your photo essay shown, please let me know.

    I thought it would be fun to also have a party of sorts -- to celebrate with food and drink, perhaps resonant with place, to ring in the holiday season and the end of classes, and to put to bed a semester in which you have been the sole light and joy. Please bring something to share!

    I'd also like each of you to choose a Florida poem to share with the class. You can choose that from among the poems we have for the class but didn't have a chance to discuss, or one from the anthology that we did not read, or any other you like. You can write your final post on the poem if you like, indicating to us why it is important to you and/or to your sense of Florida. I've posted an essay that is directly relevant to poetry and Florida.

    You might also consider posting on the question: So....this is Florida; what's next? After an intense semester of learning, experiences, creativity and contemplation, where do we go from here? This might be a way to tie some threads together or at least to take stock.

    I will ask that the groups do a somewhat formal presentation on their collaborative projects. Please provide some visual evidence of the work completed, and hand in to me the "thing" and write-up. Remember that the project will be assessed on the following criteria, and so please touch on these in your write-up. You need only have one write-up per group, but each individual will need to assess the collaborative nature of the project, to be included in your final portfolio:

  • Clear, public communication of correct and appropriate information
  • Realistic problem-solving capacity
  • Rhetorical success: visual propriety, addresses the appropriate audience, propriety of language style and expression

    The project will also be graded according to the following:

  • Individual assessment of group involvement
  • Clear expression of intentions: how does this thing solve a problem – research, planning, execution
  • Self-evaluation of the “thing”

    Please also prepare a five minute oral statement about your critical-creative project to share with the class. We will share these if we have time.

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