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LIT 6934: Literature of Place: Florida

November 18 Class 13: Walk in the Wetlands

    GUEST LECTURER: Mark Rains, Associate Professor of Geology. Class will meet at 3:30 in the parking lot of SCA (8A).
    See map for directions.

    Video: Geology, hydrogeology and Florida past and future

    Reading: Bill Bellville, "A Valley of Inches," in The Wild Heart of Florida 112-118;

    Recommended: Selections from Priceless Florida - beginning through part one (CANVAS)

    Due: Post #12

Notes and Discussion Questions:

    Dr. Rains' lecture is on deep time and how that affects the way geologists see the present. He demonstrates how Florida has had a tenuous existence throughout time, at times fully submerged in sea water, at other times with extensive land mass. He ends his lecture with a contemplative exercise, that I propose you undertake for your posting. It will require that you imagine what Tampa is like at three different points in time. You can choose one of those times and imagine our place from the perspective of its inhabitants.

    The Belleville reading will localize much of the larger geological information that Rains provides us. Please read this brief piece after you listen to the lecture. Belleville's method of "reading" his own back yard and neighborhood in the the St. Johns River basin will be a foreshadowing of our walk in the ecoarea of USF.

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