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LIT 6934: Literature of Place: Florida

November 11 Class 12: Veteran's Day - no meeting

    Review video by -- Bruce Janz, Associate Professor of Humanities, University of Central Florida
    DUE: Post #11

Class Objectives:

    Review video

    Work on class projects and/or celebrate Veteran's Day

Notes and Discussion Questions:

    Dr. Bruce Janz offers the 2010 class a lecture and discussion on philosophy of space and place, which builds from his website. In his article, on the "Range of Place," Janz describes his online resource for interdisciplinary study of place: Research on Space and Place. Take a look at the site and raise any questions or observations on it. I will put a copy of the article in CANVAS for those who are interested.

    In the article and the lecture, Janz brings many philosophical concepts of place into play with other disciplinary ideas of place, and it allows for you to recap or extend your knowledge of place theory. What aspects might be of use for further study?

    His discussion of the place-based pathologies reminded me of our discussion on segregation as a place behavior. What are some of the implications that place has a pathology to it?

    With reference to place-making imagination, which we began to discuss last week, Janz draws ties specifically to the practice of literary studies. Like the place making imagination, literature makes language rich rather than paring it down to stark oppositions. How is this so? What might this mean for the study of a literature of place? Can you see this concept influencing any of the place-making group projects that you are constructing?

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