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Dr. Laura L. Runge
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ENL 6236 18th Century Women Authors in the Digital Archive

Class 11: Workday!!!

    November 4 is ABO/ABS Wikipedia editathon – extra credit for participation

    Class will not meet; students will have the opportunity to work on research projects.

    DUE: Post #10
    Wiki Assign: Post final edits to article page, remove from sandbox.


Notes and Discussion Questions

    In addition to continuing to work on your Wikipedia article (and peer-review one or two articles by your classmates), I would like for you to conduct the research for your author’s manuscripts. Number 7 on your list of weekly assignments for your author summary project: Locate the manuscripts of your author in current repositories (see locators in resource guide). Draft a rationale for visiting one of the repositories to research the manuscripts.

    Step 1: identify if your author has any manuscripts available for research and where they are

      a) See references to your ODNB article
      b) Check Orlando Project
      c) See manuscript locators listed on class reference list (3 print and one online – Archive Grid is the bomb!)

    Step 2: Create a list of manuscript resources and locations

    Step 3: Research as thorough a description of holdings as is possible

    Step 4: Describe a research project based on these manuscript items or for which these manuscripts provide key information

    Step 5: Draft a paragraph rationale for funding to travel to the archive complete with a rough estimate of the time you would need and costs for travel, lodging, expenses.

    Step 6: Only for PHD students taking this for doctoral credit – research grant opportunities for doctoral candidates to travel (these might be offered by the repository, or by a professional association, etc.) List grant opportunities, requirements, amounts available and deadlines.

    Your weekly post should be this work summary and/or your reflections on what you discovered.

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