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Dr. Laura L. Runge
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ENL 6236 18th Century Women Authors in the Digital Archive

    Class 1: Introductions

      Class Objectives:

        Review Syllabus
        Review digital resources
        Introduce Wikipedia
        Review authors and have students look through the dictionary/encyclopedia entries
        Assign authors

      Notes and Discussion Questions:


      In-class writing (5 min.): What experience do you have with eighteenth-century women authors?

      Share answers with a neighbor. After five minutes, we will go around the class and introduce ourselves and share ideas on the subject of eighteenth-century women authors.

      Syllabus and course resources

    • Course Syllabus
    • Course page in Canvas
    • The google share drive:
    • The course Wikipedia page:

      Wikipedia Project

      Why Wikipedia: Tackling the Gender Gap in Wikipedia and Wadewitz/Stinson
      Review schedule; get registered and do training ASAP

      Authors and Bios

      Review list of authors on syllabus
      Examine the Wikipedia book of author articles, the Blackwell Encyclopedia articles and the ODNB articles
      Assign each student an author and ask them to review the articles (20 minutes)
      Discuss general differences and observations

      Review materials and assignments for next week.

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