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ENL 3230
British Literature 1616-1780

      Feb.28: Class 7

      Reading Assignment:

        Behn's Oroonoko, NAEL 2183-2226

      DUE: Post 3 Group B -- Response 3 Group A

    Class Objectives:

  • Finish our discussion of Oroonoko
  • Review for midterm

    The first of half of class today will be devoted to finishing our discussion of Oroonoko, and in particular developing a comparison between Paradise Lost, Absalom and Achitophel and Behn's text. I would like students to practice the skills of paraphrase, summary and quotation, and to work on establishing an argument about heroism using these three texts.

    In the second half of class, we will conduct a review workshop on writing good essay answers. This will also be an opportunity for you to raise questions about the material we have studied, including the critical works and the movies. Please note any questions you have and bring them to class.

    Reading Notes and Discussion Questions:

    1. Comparisons

    Beginning with the idea of heroism, how does this literary work fit into our discussion of heroism? To what extent (and more importantly why) is Oroonoko a hero? How does Immoinda figure in the context of heroism? Is she heroic? Why? How does this work, published some twenty years after Paradise Lost comment on Milton's representation of heroism?

    The three works we have studied on heroism have many things in common and many differences. Make a list of similar images, motifs, themes, techniques in the three works, and describe at least one set in detail.

    A dominant theme of the Restoration period is questioning who has the authority to rule. In what ways do these three works treat this theme? What conclusions might you draw from this?

    2. Workshop

    Writing Worshop: Writing Good Answers to Essay Questions

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