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ENL 3230
British Literature 1616-1780

    April 18: Class 13

      Reading Assignment:

      No additional reading

      Post 6 Group A -- Response 6 Group B

      If you did not finish the reading for last week, please do so by this week. I would especially like for you to read the sections on isolation.

      We will be watching a film in class and discussing it afterward. It is very important for you to be present.

      Reading Notes and Discussion Questions:

      Castaway, directed by Robert Zemeckis, Dreamworks Pictures, 2000. Starring Tom Hanks.

      This film runs 143 minutes, and so we won't have much time to discuss. I will ask that you take notes on some of the following questions:

    • What plot elements does the movie carry over from Robinson Crusoe?

    • What thematic elements carry over from the novel?

    • How does the castaway narrative translate into 20th-century experience?

    • What conflicts does Chuck Noland encounter on the island? How do these differ from Crusoe?

    • How does Noland's response to such conflicts differ from Crusoe's


      For your post consider the following questions:

      What about the Robinson Crusoe story makes it so adaptable? In answering this question, you may draw on other examples of a Robinsonade with which you are familiar.

      How would a 21st Century person respond to a Robinsonade situation? What would a contemporary adaptation require?

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