ENL 3230 Historical Annotation – Print Bibliography


Note:  Your best source of information on sources related to the era will be the textbooks themselves (especially Roy Porter’s English Society in the 18th Century).  The Norton Anthology of English Literature has an excellent bibliography in the appendix at the back that offers selections on history, references related to Restoration and Eighteenth-century literature and author bibliographies.  Do not neglect these sources of information.  Also, you can use the bibliographies and websites linked to the syllabus.  You will need at least one scholarly article and one print book resource on your bibliography.  Remember, you may not rely SOLELY on web-based information.


Also, I encourage you to use the USF Library’s electronic collections, including the very impressive Eighteenth-Century Collections Online, which gives you access to facsimile copies of many, many of the published titles from the period.  This will be a wonderful resource for primary texts in your historical annotation and for visual aids.


The following titles will provide good information for your historical annotation.  Some are primarily literary in nature.  The highlighted ones are historical.



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