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ENL 6236 18th Century Women Authors


    Class Objectives:

      Review Syllabus
      Review assignments
      Discuss critical cultural reading and recursive techniques

    Notes and Discussion Questions:


    In-class writing (5 min.): What do you know about eighteenth-century women authors?

    Share answers with a neighbor. After five minutes, we will go around the class and introduce ourselves and share ideas on the subject of eighteenth-century women authors.

    Sherry Linkon's "The Reader's Apprentice"

    As soon as you are able, read the assigned article by Sherry Linkon, available in Course Documents on Blackboard or via the library's access to Project Muse or JSTOR. We will be applying several of her key pedagogical ideas in this class:

  • Critical cultural reading
  • Teaching interpretation
  • Becoming expert readers (p. 251)
  • Six practices that constitute slow and recursive cultural reading: 1) inquiry, 2) considering multiple positions, 3) self-awareness, 4) examining cultural context, 5) revisiting the text and one's ideas, 6) making connections
  • Analysis of texts relies upon thorough and complex understanding of culture and history
  • Reading and rereading allows the expert reader to gain new insights
  • Readings can be complex, ambiguous and even contradictory at times

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