ENG 6009††††††††††† Bibliography†† for English Studies


Dr. Laura L. Runge††† Office: CPR 301J/ 813-974-9496

Spring 2005††† email: runge@chuma1.cas.usf.edu

LIB 620A††††††††††††††††††††††† Tuesday 3-5:50 PM

Jan. 25 ††††††††††† Greetham Ch. 4, 5, 6

††††††††††† ††††††††††† Special Collections:Paul Camp ††††††††††† LIB: Grace Allen Reading Room

††††††††††† ††††††††††† Library Introduction:Jana Martin††††††††††† LIB 201

We have three topics for class this week:descriptions of text (Greetham), an introduction to USF Library Special Collections (Paul Camp), and an introduction to library references/online searches (Jana Martin).NOTE:THERE ARE NO REQUIRED REFERENCES TO REVIEW THIS WEEK.Although the entire class will be taken up with presentations by library staff, I would like for you to prepare by reading the assigned chapters in Greetham (descriptive bibliography, paleography and typography), completing a descriptive bibliography entry based on your microfilm example, and bringing questions about using the library and its references to the session.




Descriptive Bibliography:


The best way to make sense of Greethamís chapter is to try it out for yourself.You can make your attempt (and your responses/questions on the practice) your post for the week.


The practice of descriptive bibliography produces a quasi-facsimile transcription of the physical page.There is a precise system and language for describing every feature of the work, from the ornamentation to the font to the pagination.I would like for you to try to apply the terms of descriptive bibliography for the title page only, and we can compare these in our discussion forum.





Given the obstacles for transmission of a work through time, how important is this particular copy in establishing an authoritative or reliable text?


Another way to approach the question is to speculate what sorts of things you would resist or be puzzled by if you were to rely on this as the only available copy of the text in question.


Imagine you are an editor and need to reproduce this text for a contemporary undergraduate classroom.What are some of the changes or adjustments that you would like to make and why?




Paleography and Typography


Why is the punctuation of manuscript books and early printed books an important issue?What is at stake?


Will you ever look at the choice of fonts in your word processing program the same way after reading chapter 6?


How is font or typography a function of history and the history of printing?