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Dr. Laura L. Runge
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ENG 6005 Scholarly Writing and Research

    Class 9: Publication Strategies for articles
    Begin Longer Works (getting the idea, checking the field, testing the idea, planning)

      Class Objectives:

      Reflect on writing practice and goals
      Discuss Luey and posts on article publication
      Book Review Presentations
      Vote on class book
      Create Class Blog list on publication

      Due for today:


      Reading: Luey on article publication, other TBA
      Due: Book Review presentations
      Post #8 article publication process

    Notes and Discussion Questions:

    1: Discussion of article publication

    2: Blog list

      As a class we will brainstorm on current useful blogs that cover topics related to scholarly publishing and Higher Education. With the expertise of Cagle and friends, I have already established our class blog roll in the class modules on Canvas. Please have some favorite blogs to add to the list.

    3: Break

    4: Book Review presentations

      Each student will be responsible for a persuasive presentation of their selected award-winning book based on book reviews. Please see the syllabus for detailed instructions.

    5: Conclusions

      Vote for class book.

      Reminder that essay is due to me (digital delivery and format is fine) on Friday Mar 7.

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