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ENG 6005 Scholarly Writing and Research

    Class 15: Demystifying the Publication Process -- Portfolio presentations/ end of class

      Class Objectives:

        Reflect on writing practice and goals
        Discuss Reading on book publication process
        In class presentations
        Discuss closing thoughts for course / evaluations

      Due for today:

        Reading: Luey, chapter 4: Finding a Publisher for the Scholarly Book

        Post #14 Reflection on the course: where we started, where we are now, what's next

      Notes and Discussion Questions:

      1: Discuss Luey

        Examine the six types of publishers for the scholarly book. What are the pros and cons of each? Does this information need to be updated? How?

        In "Choosing a Publisher," Luey recommends that you make a list of ten or twenty recent books in your field and look up the publishers. What do you find? Who are the leading publishers in your field? (If you are really interested, do the same thing for books published twenty years ago. What has changed in two decades?)

        What do you learn from the description of the process that follows?

        What can you learn from the list of questions typically asked of manuscript readers?

      2. Portfolio Presentations

        Each student will take ten to fifteen minutes to present an overview of the material from their portfolio, including an elevator-speech style pitch for the project and a summary of the relevant research that helps contextualize the future work. If possible, presentation can end with some reflections on the future work to be done.

      3. Closing thoughts

        We will take some time in class to conduct the online course evaluations.

        Following this (instructor will leave the room), we will have a discussion of closing thoughts.

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