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ENG 6005 Scholarly Writing and Research

    Class 14: Professional affiliations / affordances of
    new technologies / /

      Class Objectives:

      Reflect on writing practice and goals
      Guest Speaker: Heather Meakin
      Discuss Readings on networks and networking, blogs, new technologies
      In class research: Create your own (or other) account
      Discuss blog readings - current events in publishing

      Due for today:


      Notes and Discussion Questions:

      1: Guest Speaker: Dr. Heather Meakin
        Please prepare questions regarding the writing and publication process.

      2. Affiliation and Networking

        In our readings for today, you will find a mixture of advice regarding online tools for networking, sharing your research and building an online presence. Read through the different takes and evaluate where you stand regarding your affiliations.

        Societies: We have discussed the importance of belonging to appropriate academic society and professional groups. It is time for you to identify where you currently belong and where you need to be. What are the advantages and disadvantages of professional societies?

        Online sites: We have information on a variety of professional networking tools that use social media format. Evaluate the pros and cons of Linked In,, Google Scholar, and others.

        Affordances of new technologies: In scholarly publication, the digital turn creates new opportunities for conducting and sharing research, from collaboration to funding to platforms for publication. As a result, much information regarding publishing can be outdated. What are some of the most exciting new affordances in the digital environment? What bothers you about the digital turn? What raises uncertainties and questions? How does the digital turn affect such important values such as privacy, ownership, originality, access, impact?

        Can you imagine publishing in new ways using new forms of technology? (For example, using video formats or other multi-media tools?) Why or why not?

      3. Create your online presence

        We will take some time in class to create your profiles in Linked In,, Google Scholar or the like. If you have already established these presences, we will explore them and offer feedback on ways to enhance or maximize their usefulness.

      4: Discussion of Current Events

        Each student will write a discussion post on a recent topic in publication. Please cite the blog you are referencing so that we can also read it.

      5: Conclusions

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