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ENG 6005 Scholarly Writing and Research

    Class 13: Proposals: Grants-Postdocs - Awards

      Class Objectives:

      Reflect on writing practice and goals
      Guest Speaker: Cynthia Patterson
      Discuss Proposals, review samples
      In class research: grant-award searches
      Discuss blog readings - current events in publishing

      Due for today:


      7 Sample Proposals(in documents)
      Judith Argon, "Securing Funding from Federal Sources," and Fred E. Crossland, "New Academics and the Quest for Private Funds" in files on Canvas.

      Post #12 Current events in publication

    Notes and Discussion Questions:

      1: Guest Speaker: Dr. Cynthia Patterson
        Please prepare questions regarding the writing and publication process.

      2. Proposals

        Examine the different samples of Proposals provided in course documents.

        From the readings:

        Our authors distinguish between federal and private funding for research. In what ways is this helpful for your project?

        What are the different approaches to writing proposals?

        How are proposals like prospectuses?

        In what areas are you most likely to find resources for your research?

      3. Research funding opportunities

        Explore the USF Division of Sponsored Research funding resources page. In particular, conduct some searches using key words for your project on PIVOT. Aim to identify at least three grant or prize sources.

      4: Discussion of Current Events

        Each student will write a discussion post on a recent topic in publication. Please cite the blog you are referencing so that we can also read it.

      5: Conclusions

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