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ENG 6005 Scholarly Writing and Research

    Class 11: Bibliography and Incorporation of research

      Class Objectives:

      Reflect on writing practice and goals
      Guest Speaker: Dr. Meredith Zoetewey
      Discuss Bibliography, the art of research
      Discuss the incorporation of research
      Discuss blog readings - current events in publishing

      Due for today:


        Julie Sanders, The Cultural Geography of Early Modern Drama, 1620-1650, Chaps 1-2
        Harner, excerpt of pamphlet on bibliography (in documents)

      Post #10 Current events in publication

    Notes and Discussion Questions:

      1: Guest Speaker: Dr. Meredith Zoetewey
        Please prepare questions regarding the writing and publication process.

      2. Harner, bibliography

        What is the function and purpose of bibliography?

        How does Harner describe the process of bibliography, and how might this relate to your work?

        Make a short list of the topics that you will research for your draft prospectus and bibliography. What steps do you need to take to reach the level comprehensiveness in annotated bibliography suggested by Harner's process?

        What tools can you use (electronic, physical, mental) to facilitate and organize this process?

        Examine sample bibliographies in your field. What do they offer you as examples?

      3: Sanders, chaps 1-2

        Read a couple of chapters from Sanders' book and pay particular attention to her methods of incorporating research.

        What strands of research operate in her project?

        How does she use existing scholarship?

        What relationship does her own writing make to existing scholarship?

        Are they any particularly helpful examples of incorporating research in these chapters that you can isolate? What about the example is particularly illustrative?

        Do you have any trouble following the breadcrumbs in her citations? Are they reasonable and accurate?

        Do you sense any difficulty with existing scholarship in this work?

      4: Discussion of Current Events

        Each student will write a discussion post on a recent topic in publication. Please cite the blog you are referencing so that we can also read it.

      5: Conclusions

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