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ENG 6005 Scholarly Writing and Research

    Class 10: Abstracts and Book Writing Process / Book Introductions

      Class Objectives:

      Reflect on writing practice and goals
      Guest Speaker: Dr. Marty Gould
      Discuss Book Introductions
      Abstracts - in-class practice
      Discuss blog readings - current events in publishing

      Due for today:


      Julie Sanders, The Cultural Geography of Early Modern Drama, 1620-1650, Introduction
      Post #9 Current events in publication

    Notes and Discussion Questions:

    1: Guest Speaker: Dr. Marty Gould
      Please prepare questions regarding the book writing and publication process.

    2: Sanders, "Introduction: Entering the Bear Pit: Cultural Geography and Early Modern Drama"

      As you read Sanders' book, consider the effectiveness of the introduction. What makes a good introduction?
      What information does it provide?
      What expectations does it create?
      Does it create trust? Interest?

    3: Abstracts

      In class writing, discuss genre of abstract function and form

    4: Discussion of Current Events

      Each student will write a discussion post on a recent topic in publication. Please cite the blog you are referencing so that we can also read it.

    5: Conclusions

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